The company adheres to the concept of “profitable environmental protection” and specializes in technical services and engineering construction including “three wastes” treatment, system energy conservation and new energy application in petrochemical and coal chemical industry. It can provide a whole-process solution for feasibility research, engineering consulting, engineering, manufacturing of package equipment, project general contracting, training and startup services.
  • Flare
    Sunpower performed Steam-assist smokeless Flare tip and pilot testing at June of 2016. To validate the combustion efficiency, noise, heat radiation and smokeless performance (including steam consumption). The result is compliance with API requirement.
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  • Water Service
    Water Service
    Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) is to concentrate liquid waste through a specific technology, producing recycle water, minimizing waste water discharge, separating salts and impurities in the waste water into solid forms.
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  • Chemical
    The main personnel of various design departments, who come from large-sized engineering design organizations or the state-owned design institutes directly affiliated to large-sized refineries, deal with the flow path planning of oil-refining enterprises, the design of unit and flow path, the expansion and potential-tapping revampment of unit and the like for a long time, thus being available with quite rich engineering experience.
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